Here we started our business in 2022; the former applied science center of DSM on the Brightlands campus in Geleen. Like  many other companies, also DSM closed down one of its large industrial research centers in Europe.  Some people complain about all that is lost. We are grateful for all that we were allowed to keep, with the support of former colleagues at DSM Firmenich and all other entities that emerged.


What does Nanoscolo do:

We help companies to improve products and processes, and solve problems that are related to surfaces, interfaces and small particles. We focus on the physical chemistry and physics and provide measurements of particle size distributions, surface morphology , surface mechanical analysis, charge density, surface tension and energy, sedimentation and creaming velocity, wetting, and much more.

Application fields are coatings, fouling, texture of food products, composites, adhesion, surfactants, emulsions and dispersions, foam, formulation, and much more. Nano stands for the nanometer length scale that we can study hot, cold, or at ambient conditions, dry or immersed.

Sometimes our service is limited to providing the data from a measurement. Often we help and share our tools and expertise with our customers. Our force is our unique expertise in industrial research and we can provide the power that was built at multinationals to you. The Scolo / school part of our name stands for our ambition to share our knowledge with our customers.

Surfaces and interfaces are very often the part of a problem or technology that is not understood. Our help can provide you with this understanding and the related IP is yours whereas we respect confidentiality.


Miguel Boutelje; Chemical engineer who learned about colloidal dispersions at Philips where he travelled around the globe to solve coating problems at cathode ray tube production sites… The old televisions. Numerous other assignments related to the application of coatings, dispersions or the synthesis of nanoparticles make him one of the most experienced pragmatic problem solvers. At the Brightlands site he worked for DSM, Kriya materials and Ioniqa.

Leon Bremer; Scientist and inventor with 30 patents and peer reviewed papers in the field of colloids, coatings and functional particles. 30 year industrial experience at DSM in applications ranging from the improvement of yoghurt texture to liquid lenses for ASML’s immersion lithography machines. He takes over the equipment of DSM for particle size measurements, surface or interface characterization and dispersion rheology.

Mingwen Tian:  Material Scientist and top-expert in the field of scanning probe microscopy with a rich experience and knowledge of the different operation modes. He scanned the surface of materials such as (in)organic thin films, semi-conductors, composites, and (bio)polymers. He takes over the atomic force microscopes of DSM equipped with various tools that enable measurements at controlled humidity, temperature, and on immersed samples. Impossible to see what is really at a surface… but it is possible to feel it!

In 2023, we relocated our laboratory to the TU Eindhoven campus, while maintaining an office at the Brightlands site. Here, we serve numerous customers, big industry of Chemelot but we also benefit from the Brightlands ecosystem, enabling us to assist customers and partners with projects related to energy and materials transition, as well as circularity initiatives.


At our Catalyst Building location in Eindhoven, we regularly engage with customers and partners who contribute to expanding our capabilities. As members of the SBMC, we have access to their infrastructure and we receive support from PTG, the Polymer Technology Group, along with an expanding network of academic contacts.